A Complex System For A Personnel Placement Based On Resume Talents


As a part of the project, we conducted user research through questionnaires and interviews with HR professionals and job seekers. By referring to factors such as timelines and keywords, the system can identify talents according to a resume template that emphasizes the professional side. In the context of the market research, it was inspired [...]

Micro Insurance By Demand App


Some Mockups: https://xd.adobe.com/view/e743b38c-9478-40e2-a63d-789c0add7198-b210/ The purpose of a user study was to understand insurance needs for different parties in a very specific way, for example the time of technicians and contractors during renovations. Alternatively, you can purchase insurance for an expensive office computer. A claim can be raised quickly during a crisis using voice recognition [...]

An industrial air conditioning company’s website


In this case, the challenge was to leave the atmosphere of the industrial sites, which are very similar (to our delight). In spite of our desire to create a creative artistic design, we did not want to destroy any kind of business impression or message, as a B2B industrial conductor supplying air conditioning to [...]

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